Wednesday, July 27, 2011

week in the life day, monday

i thought i would share with everyone some of what are days are like. i am loving doing this. you can see what this is all about here at ali's project site. i ordered a smash book by k and company from 2peas last night. i am going to use that as the book for this. i don't know how many pages are in it but i am sure if i don't fill it up i can add more of our live's there!


i love to start my morning with coffee. it used to be a monster energy drink but that makes my anxiety worse so i do coffee. this instant coffee from starbucks is awesome! it went down in price at walmart! score!!!

as i am drinking my coffee, i have to get on the computer. i check my emails, go to facebook, blogs, etc. (i have no idea how to copy a page on the computer so i took a picture. actually i know how to, i can never find it!)

liam eating some cereal.

we had to fill up before heading to my parent's house. gas prices went down so fast a couple of weeks before the first of july, down to $3.06. and of course back up again!

eric, did you pay before you pumped?

here is my parents house were i grew up!

my parents have some cars that my niece and nephews used to play with. liam likes to play with them. they are now in their late twenties. love the memories here!

liam always has to go outside when we go out there. he loves the little plastic flower that spins! and he also loves to play in the pan of water!

lunch at mazzios. love their lunch buffet!

we've been wanting to get liam a fisher price basketball hoop for a while. i could not believe we found one at the salvation army for $3.99! score!!! he loves it. he puts everything through the hoops, even elmo!

it's off to sonic for happy hour to cool off! he doesn't seem to excited. he will be one day when he understand how half price drinks rocks!

i've also wanted to get him a little kitchen set. he plays with it at daycare and when we go to the dr. i was so happy to see this at a flea market! and another bonus, a little farm with animals and people. wanted to get that for him too but waited. the kitchen was $14.95 and the farm $7.50. we saved over $70 by waiting. it was worth it!

here is liam having a snack.

monday was the first time all month we were able to go outside and play. it has been way too hot to go outside when we get home in the late afternoon. eric needed to fix the mower and mow, so we played while he fixed it!

thank god for the rain we got. we needed it really bad, still do!

our neighbor has a christmas in july every year. they usually have a blow up santa. i guess they were too afraid the heat would pop it lol.

we went for ice cream to cool of. love braums' ice cream sundaes!

saw this HUGE 7up sign at a flee market. pretty cool!

saw these too. remember when you could get a sundae in these hats from dairy queen? i think my brother had one of each teams. lol

that is about it for our day!

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