Monday, July 11, 2011

monday pinterest

yay, it's time for some more pinterest goodies! click on images to go to their site.

i would love to find material like this and make this bag! love!

i love the different squares in this afghan. would be fun to make! i really want to start crocheting again!

this cracks me up!

i think my mom should make something like this for her flower garden!

this would be great for the car! now that the dude is getting older, must have a lot in the car to keep him happy! and us too! haha

i want to do something like this for when liam turns 2. this looks so fun! love the dots on the balloons!

just think of all that happened here. i bet it was a long time ago. love this shot!

i sooo want a big r to put on the wall. love this set up! now to get one!!!

put an old car to a good use!

so there ya have it! there are so much more but if you want to see them you have to follow me on pinterest! :)
have a great week!

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