Thursday, September 17, 2009

definately showing!

yesterday we could wear jeans to work if we donated $1 to children's miracle network. i bought a pair of maternity jeans a few weeks ago and was excited to wear them. holy moly, my stomach is way out there. 6 months pregnant? more like 9 lol

that was taken in the bathroom at work with a goofy, cheesey grin.

i saw him kick on tuesday sept 15th. first time i seen it. i thought i wouldn't be able to see him kick due to being fat lol. i was so happy to see that. i can't wait till i am further along and i see a lot more. eric looked down and then he stopped. he did that he other night when i first felt him kick on top of my stomach. i had eric come in and then he stopped. didn't do it again till he had left for a while. i can't wait till eric and see him and fell him too. he will love it.

next week i have the glucose test. i'm not afraid of passing it, pretty sure i will do fine. i always look forward to going to the dr to hear the heartbeat. after that appointment i will go in 3 weeks and then start the every 2 weeks and then the once a week. we are starting birthing classes next month. this has went by so fast. i can't believe it. it seems like just yesterday i found out i was pregnant and saw the little bitty heart flashing on the screen. before i know it he will be here and all will be complete in my life. i wanted a baby before 40 and i will finally get my wish. thank you god! god does listen. he has blessed me so much in the last year and especially now. i know all will be great and go smooth because he truly is a child sent from god.

i didn't think i would ever get pregnant or well keep a pregnancy. i was beginning to think i was too old and my eggs were fried. but there was one in there that was a keeper. i am wanting to get closer to god and become a better person for liam. i want to get rid of the ways i think, the negative, and teach him to be brave, bold and strong. with god's help i know i can do this. my fear decreases each day...labor fears, not so much lol

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Stephanie said...

Don't forget to put the remote on your belly!!!