Sunday, September 27, 2009


been having this discharge and not sure what to think of it. books say it is normal. called the ob since it was after midnight and they say that it is normal. as long as i am not cramping, water hasn't broken, contractions, etc., then i am ok. i will call the dr on monday and make sure all is well. i did have spotting from day one, every couple of weeks, so this pinkish discharge makes me think it could be that still happening. there is a lot that happens that the drs don't know why, very annoying at times. just don't want anything to happen to this baby since i have waited so long. my body says all is well. as far as i know i haven't had any contractions. crampy, pressure feeling when i bend over or if have been working. peace of mind...that's all i long for at times.

here's a pic of eric and i at the game yesterday. we had fun even though pitt state lost. we won't even go there.
little man kicked so much during the game. he started it when the band started playing before the game. he seemed to have a great time. just wait buddy, lots of football games in your future! :) i realized at the game today that having a boy will be so much fun. i love football and nascar. if it was a girl would she? i can definately relate to boys more. it will be fun watching games and races with him. gonna be a blast!

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