Thursday, August 06, 2009

a little photoshop time

spent some time going through the pictures i took last week and photoshopping them. i love photoshop cs! i am totally addicted to actions! can't get enough of them!

same picture different filter.....

we are so excited that my blood work for downs, spina bifida and the other thing that i can't remember lol...came back normal. so relieved and so happy! i'm trying to find some maternity clothes online. no luck. really expensive. i need a good pair to wear to work to support my belly. we bought a monitor to listen to the heart....we'll take it back. one thing, i am too early i think to hear anything from a $20 piece of equipment. another thing...there's a lot of fat for that thing to go through to find the heartbeat. so it will be going back. eric thinks he heard the heartbeat but i never did.
i was a bum all day yesterday. didn't do anything at home. house looks bad, well not too bad...but no energy. maybe today!

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