Monday, March 09, 2009

catching up, again

poor blog, does momma not love you? :)

did some layouts that i will share will quickly then update on what's been happening.

about the milemarker layout. we were out taking pictures when i noticed there was a 36 milemarker. i wanted to take a picture of 37 since that is still my age for 4 more days but there wasn't one??? so i got 38 instead and made a layout of it. the next one is of me and eric. it is for a challenge i did at scrapbook dreamer. and vinny, it was for a challenge i did last month at scrapbook dreamer but never posted. i've been wanting to make something and finally produced a layout but working on some of the challenges this month at sd. i'm hoping the urge is still there come wednesday when i am finally off and can scrap all i want.

things that has been happening. my boss from taco station son died in a car wreck. i went to school with todd since elementry school. eric and i went to the wake. i was so happy to see sam. i hadn't seen him for 4 years. he moved after he closed taco station. he looks just the same. i wish i knew where he was staying so i could go see him. i really do miss him and he's talks. a very smart guy. i saw a few people that i used to work with at taco station. was surprised that terry, todd's mom, remembered me. sometimes i think people forget about me since i don't really say that much...weird i know. was glad to see ryan too. they are all in my thoughts and prayers.

the total went up on our little photoshoot. we went out thursday and took a few more. i ended up taking about 300, eric 200. i am soooo friggin glad to find someone with the same interest. this is is going to be our way to relax and unwind. i am really thankful he is in my life. i love that man with all my life!

measured myself last week and decided that i HAVE to get back on track with my weight. i gained 3 inches in the waist and gut, not good. so i am back to watching what i eat. i will try my best to go to girlfriends after work to work out. saturday i didn't though. i was walking out of the site to store doors when anxiety hit. then last night they needed help with freight since they unloaded 2 trucks. i needed the money, money wins over exercising lol. i stocked in the soap isle, kinda fun!

hoping all goes smooth for heath today. he is getting his first round of cemo. sure wish i was close to keep carla company. sending positive thoughts there way! pet scan set for tomorrow.

well that is about it for this update. i think i will get a stamp set out and work on a little something before work.

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