Thursday, March 05, 2009

an awesome day

eric and i had a great day yesterday. we drove around town looking at various things and taking plenty of photos. i took 235, he took 188. the plans are for today: pick up paycheck (party time since we got got over time and my first big check lol), lunch with dane and his wife and their friend, go out and take more pictures. come home and hopefully make something like a card our layout. watch private practice that comes on again tonight after not being on last week. relax and edit some photos.

it's windy today and the high is suppose to be in the upper 70's. i am trying to decide what to wear today as I have gained inches and i am not happy at all about that! what does that mean boys and girls??? rhonda is back on the bandwagon. going to eat right again and go religiously to girlfriends after work and work out. 1 hour of cardio no if, and's or buts....

now to shower and begin the day!

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