Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a little mini vacation

no we aren't doing anything exciting, just a little time to relax and clean around the house. we are both burnt out at work. retail is a pain in the butt at times. wish i could get away and totally get away from it all. i will one day!

today my goals are to clean the bedroom. it needs picked up so badly and dusted too. get some cards done for a card call. i want to get published again so maybe this will be the start of it. i have already sent them 12 to 15, I want to send a couple more. fingers crossed that i will get at least one in the summer issue. i'd like to be on a design team but.....maybe one day.

nails need to be polished. they are getting long and it is hard to type fast like i like to. but i like the nails so i will slow down lol.

off to get some cards photographed and emailed.

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