Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pay it forward!

i was the 6th person to reply at shauna's blog so it's my turn to pay it forward! it's fun to give stuff away. i have some scrapbook goodies to send to the 4th person that leaves me some lovin' here on my blog. so reply away and receive some cool stuff!

in other news, going to meet eric's sister and her family tomorrow night. totally excited about that. we're all doing dinner at del rio. she has two adorable daughters that i can't wait to meet too!

the weather is awesome here, in the 70's. hopefully tomorrow it will be sunny and warm...chance of rain...so we can go out and take pictures. ohhh i don't think i ever posted any of the pictures i took. here are a couple!

we took pictures of a train and its surroundings. the "K" is from a train that is at a park. i used to climb on it as a kid but now it is fenced off. i love altering photos in photoshop cs and using various actions. i use a lot of holly mccaig's actions.

that is it for today. off to work for 5.5 hours and i'm free for 2 days!


Stamp-o-maticmama said...

i love the pay it forward idea.. i myself have a fun pay it forward story!.. in todays times its noice to pay it on when one can.. THX have a lovely day

wendyp said...

oh my goodness! These are stunning! That second one would be gorgeous framed on a wall!!!