Thursday, June 24, 2010

i hate the guilty feeling

i hate feeling guilty that i don't do enough for liam. i hate how i can't be at home to teach him things that the sitter is. i am very grateful for julie. she is an amazing sitter! i feel like i don't spend enough time with him at home. i get up in the mornings and i feed him. i put him in the bouncer or the jumperoo. and he will sti on my lap while i digital scrap. i do spend time with him but i feel it isn't enough. i guess that is how a person feels when you work and can't be there a lot of the times. sometimes i feel like eric is doing so much and i am not doing enough. he is so awesome. he is great with liam. liam couldn't have a better father than eric.

i just want to do what is right for the little man. i want to make sure he is getting all he needs. but you needs her time too. and when i have my time, yes the guilty comes into play. uggg....hate it1 i know i need the me time if i didn't i would break.

i just need to let go and not worry about what i am doing right or wrong and just do it. so far i think i have done a great job for not being around a baby so much. i don't know nursery rhymes. i don't know a lot of games. but i do know how to love him unconditionally and give him what he needs. that is far more important than anything else. i really do love being a mom.

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