Thursday, April 01, 2010


been itching to paint for a fews days. i have all these bottles of paint i have bought over the last couple of years to use for scrapbooking, now it want to make something much bigger. i painted the background of a 10x10 canvas light blue. now to decide what to do with it. being the perfectionist i am, i don't want to "ruin" it so i am thinking hard about what i want to do. maybe i will get a little help from flickr???

liam is going so fast! he's more alert to things around him. we ate at mazzios the other day and he had to get out of his car seat to see what was going on. he sat on my lap and took it all in. first time we heard him scream with excitement. he'd get his legs going. then his arms. he loved it. lots of noise and lights...just what he likes.

here's the man enjoying some time in the bouncer!

time to go give the man a bath and me a shower. it's payday. lots to do before we go to work. eric is still getting 20hrs a week. so aggrivated at that. no matter who he talks to no one wants to help. sometimes i really hate big companies!

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