Friday, October 22, 2010

oh baby!

here is an article for andie smith designs. oh baby!

poor little man has another ear infection. makes #3 now. if he has another one by the end of the year he will need tubes. he is such a trooper though. but daddy needs to stay in a chair with him on nights like this. he doesn't like the crib, i'm assuming laying flat probably hurts his ear. they did give him ear drops too to help the pain. and they say it is probably from the cold he had before the wedding.

me...i am holding on. not taking my meds like i should have and that is a huge no no for me. i won't go into details. not a pretty site. just ask eric. poor guy. did ya really know what you were getting into? ;) he is the best though. no matter what i know he will take care of me.

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Juls~ said...

Hi Rhonda!

Love your great blog & photos of your baby! He is so sweet! My babies used to favor Daddy too sometimes - now they are 22, 20 & 17!

You are doing great, girl! Anxiety is no fun and unfortunately it's just how some of us are wired, like me!! LOL! But many times it's a huge blessing because it can be a driving force in my life. And, it was the worst after having my 3rd baby. I didn't realize what was going on with me. So, you are several steps ahead and can control it. Hormones influence mine a lot, especially now going through perimenopause. Better now, last year was tough.

You are doing great! Your photography is awesome :)