Saturday, October 02, 2010

the latest happenings in the robson household

1. i will be mrs. eric robson on the 10th. i'm totally excited. i can't wait for magically day #2 of my life. first one was when little man was born. all is ready to go...except where to put 60 chairs from friday to mondy.

2. eric cleaned out the floor furnace. we turned it on to burn the "smell" off before we turned it on for the night. i hate that smell. thank god i can't smell that much. which leads to #3.

3. i have been dealing with some sinus issues for over 2 weeks now. it is now in my throat. my tonsils are so swollen, red and the right one has patches of white on it. they have never looked this bad. never seen so much white. dr says i don't have strep. i didn't take my antibiotics like i should have 2 weeks ago and so i am now in this lovely mess.

4. the dude is a crawling fool! he is everywhere! doesn't want to be held for long unless he is tired. he has too much going on to want to be held. "let me down. i want to see it all!"

5. me and my anxiety issues. i really want to get over this crap and get on with my life. this is the only area in my life, besides my weight, that i can't get over. i need to find a way to motivate myself to get over this. i want to travel. i know i need to practice on it but heck...who has time for that. so i think i will use my blog to help me get out what is bothering me and maybe i can help someone in the process. i wonder if there is anyone out there as bad off as i am with the agoraphobia?

6. working days. love it! love coming home and going for a walk after liam eats. haven't did that all week due to my ear, throat, head combo crap...but we will resume once momma feels better.

guess that is about it. i will leave you with this photo of the dude. the cutest little boy known to man.

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