Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's almost here

tomorrow i will officially become a robson. i can not wait. it will be perfect, but hot, weather for the day. i didn't anticipate it to be 85 degrees in mid-october. it makes me a bit nervous about the heat and a big heavy dress. but no matter what, i am marrying my best friend and i couldn't be more happy. i have waited so long to be this happy. life is wonderful. hopefully we can add another little one to our little family soon. i hope i can experience pregnancy one more time before old age kicks in and tells me otherwise. i'm 39 so you never know when my ovaries will say "we're done." thankfully they worked once and gave me my precious little man.

life is amazing. every little step is great. i look forward to a long time with eric. i love you, babe!

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