Saturday, October 23, 2010


how can i just sit in here and pretend it doesn't crush my heart that he perfers his daddy over me? when he is fussy, tired, hungry, is eric that calms him. that he chooses his dad to make him feel better. my heart hurts. i try to rock him but he takes one look at him and he freaks till eric puts him in his arms. i want to watch that face as he's drifting off to sleep but i can't. he doesn't want his mommy. i'm sad. some say it is a phase. well this phase has lasted about 5 months if not longer. when will it end, if ever? my heart hurts.

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Juls~ said...

Hi Rhonda!

Poor baby! But looks like he made up for it with birthday cake the next day!

Let me know how you are doing with everything! I hope to have a gallery and forum this week! Would love to see what you are working on. I cannot wait!!!

Juls~ {xoxo}