Monday, October 11, 2010

being mrs. robson

yesterday was such a wonderful day. perfect weather. perfect family. perfect friends. an amazing day! one doesn't know just how happy they are till there comes a time when it all sinks in and you realize this is it. there is nothing more than this moment. there is nothing on this earth that means anything as much as the people you love. nothing means as much as finding that one person that completes every single part of you. i ask myself from time to time how i got so lucky. and i know it is because god sent me this amazing, wonderful man into my life years ago because he knew that one day i would need him in many ways. he knew that we would eventually find love in each other and realize we are the soulmates we had been searching for. he knew that he was the one that would be there for me in any time of need. that eric would be a great father and help me from time we saw the positive on the test to the day liam was born and on. i couldn't have asked for anyone else in my life. life is complete. i am finally a robson. all of my dreams have come true. life. is. the. best. ever.

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MommyBelle said...

Well said!! Congratulations!!!