Wednesday, October 07, 2009

new photos

we went driving around taking photos today. thought we better get out before it cools off tomorrow and is rainy. i love photography. wish i could do it rather than working retail.

ok, why is blogger being a pain and not letting me post these they way i want????
plans for today were to do some stuff around the house but since it is suppose to rain tomorrow i thought getting out for a bit would be good. we have to tackle my scrapbook room and get liam's room ready. i really want it ready by my shower. feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff i have and where to put it all. and of course the lack of energy to want to do it.
don't know how we are going to handle dottie when liam gets here. she gets jealous when noah comes on tuesdays. she wants me to hold her but i can't. she's a dog in case you were wondering. so we put her int he bedroom but she barks and barks. think i better read up on this before liam gets here. when we got her the owner said they had to get rid of her because she barked a lot and kept the baby awake. *sigh* i hope we can teach her to be quiet.

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