Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

i'm a bit excited to go to work tonight and see what people are dressed up like. i am going as a nascar fan. don't have the extra cash for costumes. i feel bad that eric won't be dressing up. last year we said we would and then pregnant and needed money. life. love it! i really do!

got a bit of a cold, sucks. head is stuffy and a bit of a scratchy throat. yesterday i felt liam having hiccups for the first time. i text a couple of people to see if that is what i was feeling. they would come every 4 seconds and felt like a little thump. so awesome. man, i can't wait till he is here. it is going to be a blast!

now to get ready for work. i don't go in till 6 so i am going to hastings to read a bit and drink some hot chocolate for my throat.

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