Saturday, October 03, 2009

it's finally fall

well it has been for a week or so but the weather is finally changing, thank god. this pregnant woman couldn't stand the heat for much longer. thankfully it wasn't that hot this year as it could have been. a few days of 100 degrees plus but not much more. i'm ready for the leaves to change so we can go out and take pictures. i'd really like to have someone take our pictures in the next couple of weeks but not sure who. i may just break out my tripod and do it myself. need to get some good belly photos as well.

i was startin to freak out a bit today. liam wasn't moving that much and it had me a bit worried. i should be used to this by now. he doesn't move that much some days. probably gets worn out in those tight quarters lol. stop freaking mama out, she is worried enough about stuff as it is. :) a gal at work asked me last night if i was ready for it to be over. i'm really not that uncomfortable, yet. i do cherish the movements and the time i am having right now. sometimes i do complain because i am tired, but there are only a few months left of something so magical. i know i will be ready as it because more close. but time is flying enough that i am sure it will be very soon before it is over. i have a feeling he will be early. i will be really surprised if he is here on or after my due date.

very thankful that my 3 hour glucose test came back fine and that i don't have gestational diabeties. that was one thing that worried me when the first test came back high. not sure really what high is since i've heard some doctors go by 130, my dr 140. i was at 142. but i don't have it so all is great!

now to relax at hastings a bit more before work tonight.

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