Monday, October 05, 2009

the h1n1 vaccine

i've been reading a lot about the vaccine and rather to get it or not. my opinion on it and i am not a dr, is that there hasn't been enough research on it to see if it is totally safe for pregnant women. there is no way i want to put something in my body that isn't known to be safe yet. i am really tired of all the hype about it. hearing how if you don't get a vaccine you will die. come on. i know it is serious but isn't any kind of flu? by the time it gets around this area, and given to health care professionals first the paper says, there won't be any left. i will probably have liam be the time i could get one. i don't even want to get the regular flue shot. i think i have probably had the flu like once in my life. so why would i want to put something in my body that isn't known to be safe in pregnant woman for a tiny chance that i would get it? i will wash my hands religiously and carry hand sanitizer with me. i will wash my hands before i eat or put my hands anywhere near my mouth...yes, what a concept. if everyone would do this just thing of what the rate of this disease would be??? that is my choice. i haven't even talked to my dr about this because i don't want to get it. never wanted to get the flu shot either.

i really think the media plays a lot into this. i haven't read a lot about it but what i do see i get sick of seeing and hearing. about a month ago i waited on a customer that had influenza a, well their daughter did. she told me she had it once she saw her daughter chewing on the cap of the handsanitzer lid, ironic. i didn't have time to wash my hands but i did put sanitzer on immediately after they left. i'm still not sick. i think it is all in taking care of yourself by washing and sanitizing.

yes, it doesn't scare me some if i was to get sick but sick with anything basically. i don't want to have to be sick with even a cold and not be able to take anything. i can take somethings but i am a whiner and will want more drugs to feel good. and i am paranoid about getting sick, cold basically but i will not put something in my body that isn't 100% safe. i don't want to regret 3 years from now taking it and having something wrong with my child.

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Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

I went ahead and got a regular flu shot ( I asked for the mercury-free one), but I didn't want to get the "experimental" h1n1 vaccine.

I'm right behind you, I'm in my 23rd week :-)