Tuesday, October 27, 2009

birthing class 1001

last night was the first night of birthing class. we watched a video of 4 different births. she taught us about car seats. we toured the labor and delivery. there were 15 couples there. 3 out of 15 were having girls, the rest boys. well there was one couple that decided not to find out. i don't know how someone waits that long but more power to them lol. after touring L and D, i feel a lot more at ease about delivery. i know what the rooms are like. what they will do once we get there. what happens when it is time. we saw the c-section room. glad it is up there in l and d and not downstairs! while watching the video i realized how beautiful and amazing childbirth really is. i didn't want to have the mirror to see but  now i do. i hope eric looks too. i don't want to miss seeing him come out as much as i can.

i really want to make this album. it is so adorable. i don't want to stick to just blues. in fact the guestbook that i am making for the shower has a brown and a green flower on it. just cause i am having a boy doesn't mean i will stick to all blues...that will get so boring after a while.

didn't drink much water yesterday so i will be sure to do that today. sometimes water just isnt that great but must drink it!

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