Friday, October 16, 2009

dr appointment

all is going great. i need to drink more water but other than that all is good. my ankles are a little swollen. i have gained 25lbs! 7 of it in the last 3 weeks. he isn't concerned yet but doesn't want me to get high blood pressure. he says the weight gain is water so i will drink more and see what happens. he said i will get another sonogram at 36 weeks, just 7 more weeks. oh wow, that makes things so much closer!

baby shower invitations are going out today. i can't wait for it. it is only 3 weeks away. so excited to see what all i get, well liam gets lol

been scrapbooking and did a layout last night. working on another one and have an idea for a 2nd one thanks to love the gals there that used to be at simple scrapbooks.

time to get ready for work.

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