Monday, November 02, 2009

what a fun halloween

last year i wanted to dress up but couldn't. we didn't work that day due to a gas leak in the gas pipes. so this year i wanted to do something. i didn't want to be a witch, though there were some cool costumes. plus, with this pregnant belly what is going to fit? so i opted for this.....a tony stewart fan.
my face at the beginning:

in the car on the way to work:

and then at work. the sign on my stomach says "future tony stewart fan inside"

i know he isn't #20 any more but i have more 20 stuff than 14. only one person commented on that. had fun and that is all that mattered. by the end of the night i was so ready for that hat to come off. i almost hit eric and another guy in the head with the flag, kept forgetting i had it, well that it was that long.

now to find some digital halloween papers to make a layout!

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