Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what a shower

i had a great time on saturday meeting new family members of eric's i've never met and being around friends. i got a lot of great goodies, well liam did, so we are ready for him to arrive....well kinda. lol. the lazy, too tired to do anything, is putting off doing anything still. i need to get crates to put my scrapbook stuff in or maybe just some boxes from work. i am so ready anxious to work on his room just not anxious enough to fight the tiredness.
here are some pics from the shower. eric took a few before he sat with me to open presents. his mom took a lot, can't wait to see them.

my mom made the cake.

a partial amount of the gifts. this was taken before everyone arrived.

eric's grandma, my mom, me sitting with the gals from work (stephanie, ashley and kristin) him mom and sister.

we played a game called "bun in the oven" everytime someone said baby we had to pass the cinnoman buns.

and me 8 months preggo's, taken before we left for the shower.

thank you so much aimee for putting this together for me. i had a great time. i was so glad that carla was able to make it down. next step on this pregnancy ride, a baby. now the count down!

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