Thursday, November 19, 2009

still a kickin

man how time has flown just since the shower! i can't believe there is less than 6 weeks to go. i am totally ready. i am ready to have my body back for one. it's hard to work with no energy and not able to fully bend over. i am so thankful for everyone at work that is patient and understanding. i hate complaining about anything related to pregnancy since this is our miracle but yeah...i am pooped and ready to pop!

i've been thinking once again if i should get rid of all my paper stuff and just digital scrapbook. digital is more economical, less space, and no waste. i was thinking the other day that paper stuff i just so expensive. if you want a new line of papers, and such, it can cost soooo much money just for a few things. i can buy kits and print my layouts off for less money. so then it got me to thinking...should i try out for some design teams???? i think i might venture off to some sites and see who is looking for what. i miss the dt days. if i have been thinking about not paper scrapping for so long, then maybe it is a sign to just do digital and save space and money.

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Patty Reiser said...

I am a fairly new reader to your blog so let me start by saying "Congrats" on the impending birth of your child. May you be blessed with a complication free delivery and a healthy baby.
And after yesterday, I did a Workshop for a friend about digital scrapbooking and publishing books and I have to say I was overwhelmed with the response (all positive) to digital scrapbooking. So many moms and grandmothers just don't have the time or the space for traditional scrapbooking.
Wishing you a picture perfect day!