Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 things i would love

I got this idea from here. I want to start doing this more since it was really fun and opened my eyes up to things. Thanks so much Lain...notice the capitals? :)

1. Have a clean, spotless house.

I am so not one to clean. I hate it. Well once it is clean i love the way it looks. Just wish some people would help me to keep it that way lol. I am going to try my hardest when Liam arrives to keep it clean, especially since people will be coming over. It will take a lot of work getting there, since I need to throw so much away, but it will be worth it in the long run!

2. Stay at home mom.

Nothing would make me more happen then to stay at home and tend to house work and Liam. But since I can't, it will be a dream to have for now.

3. Financially secure

One thing I hate the most is having to worry about money. What can we pay this paycheck, what can wait. I'd love for one day to sit down and write out checks for bills without any worries.

4. To be a great cook.

I love to cook but with my tiny kitchen it is so hard to do. It's a challenge sometimes to just make 3 things that are simple for dinner. No space makes it so hard. I would like to learn new recipes. I get tired of fixing the samethings a lot. My oven needs the themometer fixed. Till then I can't bake anything because the tempature will rise so fast. You have to babysit it just to make a pizza.

5. Travel

Now that life is great, I want to be able to pick up and go to Coffeyville on our days off. Go to Joplin to shop. Go to KC to a concert. Things a normal person can do but an agroaphobic can't. Yeah, it sucks but I hope to one day do these all again.

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