Wednesday, November 04, 2009

8 months

i can not believe that i am 8 months pregnant. it is so hard to believe at times that i will soon be a mother. i know i say that a lot but it is true. i can't believe it at times. the years i tried and longed for a baby is finally here. god is great. i pray every night for him to watch over liam and this pregnancy and he has. what would i do without him?

i did this layout the other day about water. dr says i need to drink more and i try my hardest to get atleast 60oz a day in, sometimes 80 if i'm lucky. i don't drink tea that much any more. i am having one now and i'm loving it.

i had a short night tonight ato work so i think i will finish up the guestbook for the baby shower this saturday. omg time is going by so fast. he will be here before i know it.

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