Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a good dr appointment

yesterday's appointment went good. i am retaining a little water. gained 6lbs...probably the water. i haven't drank as much as i should lately and believe me i will be now! in 2 weeks i get a sonogram to see how he is positioned. i am getting nervous now. it is getting closer every day. i am hoping the nesting takes place soon so i can get some energy to do more than just a little bit around here. the washer went out, sucks, hopefully it won't be much to fix. who knows! i'm not too worried about his room. we just need to clear the area out in the dining room for my scrap stuff and then we will start moving things out and then paint. really isn't that much stuff, just a lot of containers.

can't wait till thanksgiving. he will be here next thanksgiving...can't wait! i really do hope he is here for christmas. i believe god blesses us in ways we never really think is a total blessing till we look at it and believe. i used to love the holidays. the trees. lights. gifts. then my ex got me into the blah humbug of it. he always moaned about how he hated it all. stopped helping me put up the tree, etc. after a few years i just gave up and said screw it. he said he never liked the holidays once his dad died. i am sure that does affect someone but it was like he never made an effort to enjoy it with me. now i can have what i always dreamed about. i have a great boyfriend, whom i will marry next year. his family is awesome. we want the same dreams. we fit so much better. now i will have my holidays back. love it! we can't afford a lot for christmas this year but to me any more it isn't about gifts, it is about family and enjoying the seaon with them. from thanksgiving to christmas it is a time to spend with loved ones and friends. throughout the year it is so hard to meet up so it is important to during the holidays. i would rather have 2 hours with my family then something that will sit around the house, be used a few times and then left alone. i have learned over the years that it is quality of time we spend together. i hope to teach liam that this isn't about gifts, its about giving. giving our love to our family. giving our hearts to people that need it. giving back to the ones that helped us. it dosen't have to be much, just let them know that you appreciate them and what they mean to you.

i am so thankful for my changing life and what is going to come. i can't believe how this last year has changed my life for the better. sometimes we have to put up with the crap for a while to get a very happy ending. i am so ready to see what else will be happening when liam arrives. god is awesome.

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