Saturday, October 25, 2008

some excellent news!

mom is finally home! after a, what 10 day stay this time around, she is home. i'm not sure if it is 8 or 10 but somewhere around there. i hope this time she mends and doesn't have to go back.

i woke up with an idea in my head for a layout. going to work on it a little before i go to work. i'm going to take Jessica Sprague's free class starting on the 9th. totally excited! watched today's scrapbook show and got some good ideas for christmas cards. here are two of the stamps sets i want at walmart to make christmas cards:

they have some awesome new glitter as well. all are martha stewart. there is some cool paper too with some glitter already on the pages. i can't wait to create!

off to work on a layout and then get ready for work. aimee and i are working out before work today instead of at 11. i love the feeling after a great work out!

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