Sunday, August 15, 2010

teeth, feet and trees

teeth. well liam had a tooth. yes, had. well you can feel the top of it but it went in a little. it was only out a tad bit but it went back in some. so hopefully sometime soon it will pop up and stay. poor little man has a runny nose from it.

feet. my right foot is really sore. almost went to urgent care to have it checked. i think what the deal is, is that i am walking on the right side of my right foot. there is a callious on my big toe. it is sore so i walk weird. now i am in a ton of pain and not a happy camper. i do need new shoes badly. hopefully this week we can get some.

trees. had a storm come through last night and knock a huge limb onto the jeep. thank god there was no damage.

now off to relax my foot.

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