Sunday, November 18, 2012


yeah i know, i haven't been on here much...well no at all. we got rid of cox so that meant no internet. i hate cox and really hate paying as much as we do for the service we get. we've had nothing but problems since day one. i finally just had it with them. i thought i could use my phone as a modem and i did but 1...that uses up all of your data for each month. is slllowwww. so, we got a letter from a t & t talking about their dsl service. we called up and signed up. it isn't lightening speed like cox but it is fast and that is all good for me. happy once again to be on my laptop and surfing away!!!

i haven't loaded any pictures since october 28th to the computer. i'm just at a blah spot with scrapbooking, or maybe it was no internet and i just didn't care about doing anything. withdrawl symptoms anyone??? so tonight or tomorrow i hope to upload more photos and get project life caught up. i need a new album to finish out the year. hope to order one this week. though i wonder if i could get just 2 more months in there???? maybe i should try. think i might.

i really want to get back to paper scrapping. i joined studio calico's monthly paper and card kit. yes, two monthly kits. things are looking up and so much better for us financially so i am taking that plunge. you can cancel at anytime so why not? maybe this will jump start me into getting creative again?! i did decide to make a december daily album as well. since liam is old enough now to kinda see what christmas is all about, i want to start documenting more. and since i really love the holidays, i want to remember them the most. so hopefully all of this will get me back into using and adhesive and not so much of the computer. though i sooo love digial layouts, i really need to feel what i am working with sometimes! to get off of here and upload some photos and work on project life! tomorrow i will share some recent pictures.

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