Sunday, June 07, 2009

yay, tony's first win

i almost told eric and tammy that if tony wins i will name my kid after him if it is a son. i was totally kidding and so glad i didn't say that lol. he was suppose to start in first but after he wrecked on saturday during practice he had to start at the back with a new car. didn't stop him. he kicked butt and came in first. what a man i tell ya!

all is well with baby and me. still a but nervous from time to time. the what if's and thinking about labor and what all is coming in the next few months. i know all will go very well but there is alwasy this stuff in the back of my mind that i think about. after hearing the heartbeat the miscarriage rate is like 1 to 3 %. so i need to concentrate on the 97 to 99% not the tiny chance of anything going wrong. i am doing a lot better on that though.

i know this is a keeper because i have had my share of heartache and i know god wants me to be a mom. i am much more healthier mentally and physcially than i was before. i have a lot to do to get ready mentally, like the agoraphobia, but knowing that the baby is on the way is making it a lot easier to do. i do need to work on things and will once i get the energy back. i want to be able to go to joplin to maternity stores and baby stores. there are a lot of things i want to do and will.

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