Wednesday, May 30, 2012

this week in photos

poor blog. it's so neglected.
here is the week of may 21 to the 28th.

i need a way to relax. i need a way to just unwind and forget about things for a while. i quit smoking 4.5 years ago. it was my way to relax and let stress go. i would sit on the porch at night and think. i really did enjoy it. but i wanted to be healthy and well...smoking is just nasty and unhealthy. so i thought about a glass of wine each night. i don't drink beer, gross! so maybe wine will help to calm me and relax. maybe a glass while i sit on the porch while he puts liam to sleep? my father-in-law brought me two bottles to try. i have been wanting to try them but the last few days my sinuses have been really bad. maybe tonight.

on the 21st we watched joplin high school graduation. the President gave a speech. so incredible since he picks three schools a year to speak at and all are universities. i thought it was a wonderful speech full of hope. i also loved the superintedent's speech. what a great man. makes me want to move to joplin and put liam in that school district. i really don't want him going through pittsburg's schools. thinking frontenac will be the school of choice.

made this cake at work. came up with the title all by myself lol. and yes, i went back in and put a comma after peace.

we love going to paradise mall. it is an antique store. i found two things i remember having as a child. a holly hobby oven. you could actually make cakes and send them through to bake!!! and an evl knevell truck.

the dude sure does want to be a ball player. everytime we go into hibbets he has to put a ball hat on. he's ready to bat!

everyone was at my parents on sunday for a cookout. eric's family was in town so we had one huge family there! my great niece daisie came. she is suck a doll!!! liam enjoyed swinging with his cousins.

here are some instagram photos from the week:

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