Monday, May 14, 2012

this week in photos

yep, slacking again. just not in a writing mood. i guess it is because i have so much going on in my head that i can't get the words to come out. they just rotate and rotate and jumble up into a mess. one day i'll be able to clear them out.

i really enjoy decorating cakes at work. it is another way for me to be creative. while last week was pitt state graduation, we had a lot of orders. i did back up cakes for the case. a way to be creative and get paid...sweet!!!

there is nothing like opening at 5 gallon bucket of chocolate icing. oh the smell!!!!!

since liam loves to play in the water, we got him a water table. ohhh, he loves it!!!

i took some pictures of me and liam while waiting for eric to come out of mcdonald's. we had to go to the car because someone was done eating and was acting up. :) our phone has it to where you can turn the come backwards and it gets you without turning the phone. pretty cool!!!

and that football...he has to take that to daycare everyday. i think it is his security.

yesterday was mother's day. my 3rd mother's day. my favorite day! eric and liam got me this gorgeous plant!

we went out to my parents. i had eric get a picture of me and my mom and liam. mom is sitting all pretty while i am trying to get the dude to look at eric. here is the best one.

and now this week's photos via instagram.

 here he was trying to fix my broken shoe. haha

till next monday or the monday after that lol...hopefully sooner!

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