Monday, April 23, 2012

this week in pictures and project life

here are the following weeks of project life that i haven't put up recently. ali is starting a "week in the life" today. i was going to do it but thought, "i already do project life which is what happens in our life each week, do i really need to do this?" no....whew....i kept thinking "what am i going to take pictures of. i already do that enough." i'm not sure how far behind i am so i will do week 13 to 15.

week 13:
here i stopped using alphabets to spell at "week" because i was running out of  w,e and k's. i did this on a couple of week's and decided that i need to go back to putting "week" in alphabets. i like it much better.

week 14:

week 15: for this week's photos.

eric and i dropped liam off at the sitters on monday. i was suppose to have a dentist appointment but they rescheduled it. so we took him to daycare anyways and had a day to ourselves. we went to psu to an ipad drawing exhibit. it sounded cool so we went. and all there was was an ipad on the way that you can look at pictures with and them printed off and in a 3 ring binder. they were cool to see as they were drawn on the ipad. then we went downstairs to the gallery where there was some really cool paintings:

we had lunch at chili's. i love their all you can eat soup and salad!

you can't see these two women very well but they were the double mint twins from the 70's. they were also in space balls. they are from here and live here now. they look really rough. poor women, hollywood was hard on them. i was trying to get a picture from the bakery without looking like i was a fan. they used to come through taco station and buy 20 bean burritos when they were 2 for a $1 for their dog. i could only imagine the gas smell from the dog.

i was so excited to get this book! the bloggess is awesome. twisted just like me. has anxiety just like me. i am loving the book. still reading it as it is one that i don't want to stop reading because i don't want it to end but at least she has a blog to go back to!

this week i stopped drinking pop. i'm trying to find other things to drink.

and some shots from tumbling....he still won't jump. LOL

we went to the park to play afterwards. liam demanded we go! no really...he did. we past it and he went nuts. "go go go" we got home and he was crying so i asked 'do you want to go to the park?" he nods yes so we go, its better that way.

and now for some photos from instagram. god i love this app for the phone!

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