Saturday, April 21, 2012


one would think that this adorable, handsome little guy wouldn't be a total terror in the mornings, right? i mean look at that face. and that smile. there is no way that he could possible scream and throw fits. ugh...but he does. mornings are the hardest. he is just not a morning person. i never was either buddy...i understand! if we have to go in at 7 he is at his worst. he screams, kicks, hits, when he is getting changed. he clings to daddy. if daddy puts him down he freaks and throws a fit. mornings aren't for him. now if we are off and he wakes up on his own then that is ok. so we are trying to think of a way to get him up and having a calmer start to the day.

i tookt he above picture the other night. i decided to get the rebel out and play with it. oh how you need one when you have a child. the shutter speeds help you get such better pictures. i love my canon rebel! here are a few more shots from that evening....

even if mornings are terrible, i love him with all my heart and soul. he'll grow out of it. once he quiets down all is good with all of us. it's part of being a toddler. we know this but it doesn't make the kicking and screaming any easier lol.

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