Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i'm still around

i stopped writing on my blog and then i stopped posting pictures. just in a blah state right now. lots going on. lots i am trying to work on. i want to get over my anxiety issues, so working on that. liam has tumbling and let's add his attitude change, which isn't that bad but the NO's are starting to get to us. i want to lose weight. i want to do this. i want to do that. feeling like i want to explode at times. my mind never seems to be still. i like to write to get things out but i don't know...dont' want to worry anyone and i don't know how much i really want to put out here. i feel like i am always trying to fix myself. i'm tired of that. but i have to work on fixing the fears and making them stay away. but i am finally realizing that i can't fix this all myself. that the many years i was in a very unhappy marriage with a verbally abusive spouse, it will take time to get this crap out of my head. so i will be trying to fix myself for a while longer. have to for my family and especially for me. it's worth it. i can do it.

i'm still doing project life. still doing a photo a day. android now has instagram so i am totally addicted to taking pictures and using that to edit them. are are some that i have taken recently:

after hunting eggs outside our house.

i don't think he wanted oatmeal....

  when did he get so big?
 why i do project life. he loves looking through the album with me!
some shots from easter.

 some shots from tumbling last week.

i promise to post more. good or bad! :)

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