Sunday, July 29, 2012

this and that

things have been going good lately. for the first time in a very long time i actually say that i love my job and i really do! i love decorating. i love being able to order what i think would sell. i love it all really. the only thing that is bothering me in my hand. i don't know if it is my tendons getting use to the squeezing or what, but it has been sore. some days are ok some days they hurt bad. well, it's just my right hand. the last few days there has been numbness and tingling at the top of my thumb and index finger. i really do think it is getting use to all of this. i am doing to my dr on wednesday to get his opinion. i haven't been doing it that long for it to be serious, so i hope. i started decorating off and on in january but full-time a few weeks ago. when i would decorate off and on and used hard icing, that is why my hand would hurt. and it would go away. so i really do think it is my hand getting used to things. it better be because i can't afford to lose the full-time now that i have it. so pray my hand gets better and there will be nothing wrong.

a few pictures from last week. i really want to blog more. lots of words floating through my head....

this kid loves to play "ghost." so glad he isn't afraid lol

we drive around in the evening to cool off. got some great sunset pictures!

  love the retro look on this one. edited in instagram.

went to the park when it was somewhat cool. must get him outside to play, makes bedtime easier when he is worn out lol

at the end of last week liam started get a cough. no fevers till one day it was 101. so off to the dr. coughs and especially fevers make me a bit nervous. after last year.... anyways, here he is in the car. fell asleep while we drove around to find him some cough syrup.
he's all better now. after some cough syrup and antibiotics, he's good. he has a sinus infection. poor kid....think he has my sinus issues.

that's about it for today. more tomorrow and hopefully the next!

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