Monday, July 16, 2012

this week in photos

i really need to do this more often but i haven't really been too creative lately. it's the heat. it melts my brain lol.

last monday i had my first mammogram. i took a number and three came out (and i said one for me and one for each of the girls....hahah) and registered. a lot of things go through your head when it's your first time. "will it hurt? what if they see something. what will i do if they see something." i think that is normal. your first time, what are you suppose to think? i know, positive thoughts. i'm just not that type of person. i head back to the radiation waiting room. filled out a couple of papers and waited. the tech was super nice and funny. made me feel relaxed. i put on my superwoman cape and waited for her return.

this looks scary. your going too smash what???? trust me, it wasn't bad at all. some discomfort and that was about it. i told her "this was totally not what i expected. it wasn't bad at all." she went on to say that it is like childbirth, no two births are the same. some are in bad pain, some a piece of cake. so, don't be afraid to get checked because you think there will be pain. if there is for you it last maybe 5-6 seconds. it's worth it to safe your life, right? i thought so. :)

afterwards we went for lunch at "the corner bistro." they are only open for lunch. they have this amazing salad bar. is heaven. i thought "Sweet Greens" was good but i think they kind put them to shame. love, love, love this place. and if you have tea it is free!!! score!

we got liam a new pool. it is so much bigger than the one he had. he loves it!

on the 10th of every month we have cake for the associates that have an anniversary that month. this is my month. on the 28th i will be there 4 years. with all the crazy times there the "you did it" on the graduation plate was totally right. how do some make it 10, 15, 30 years????

this week we got to meet brooklyn, matt and megan's daughter, my great niece! we were all so excited to meet her. oh my gosh she's so darn cute!!! we all got together at mom and dad's to meet her. stacy brought daisie so they could meet each other, they are only a few  months apart. it was a very happy time. when we all get together like that i am so happy and proud to be a mom and have liam there. all those years i wanted a child on the holidays we got together. this was super special that one of the grandkids was mine! makes me so friggin happy!!!!!

liam loves his cousin matt! he would hardly leave him alone. friday we went to megan's mom and dad's to see them. liam had a blast. when i said "want to go to grandma and grandpa's to see matt?" "matt." "what to see megan?" "matt." buds!

my dad set up this sprinkler that my uncle made. liam was a little hesitant at first but once he got wet and started to see that it was fun, he loved it. he is a water kid i tell ya!

had to follow daddy. now back to the sprinklers!

that is about it. :)

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