Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Can't sleep

Its almost 3am and I'm wide awake. Even though the dr said that the cough isn't bad and is drainage, I'm still stressing out. The meds they gave for him are clearing the congestion. You have to take it every four hours because it does wear off fast. He has been coughing a lot the last hour so I gave him some. Eric is in there now rocking him. I tried but I am so hot that I couldn't. I guess my cold is at the burning out stage or something. I'm so hot I can't get cooled off.

The dr said his lungs are clear. So thankful for that. However I can't help but stress over the cough. He sounds so bad. The antibiotics for the ear infections aren't working so she changed it to a stronger one. I just want my baby better.

After his first dose for the congestion and runny nose, he didn't cough and seemed to have so much energy. At night I worry more I guess. There is something about the night that makes me worry and anxious. I can't watch him if I'm asleep when he feels bad. Thank god for the monitor. At times I can hear him breath and it gives me relief.

I know the cough is just the beginning of lots of worries I will have. I can't make him feel better and so it makes me feel bad. And of course it doesn't help when you already feel bad yourself from a bad head cold.
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