Saturday, September 11, 2010


yes, once again i am stressed. too much going on for this mind to handle.
1. his cough/ear infections. are they going away? his nose is still runny but not as bad as it was. i don't know if it is better. how long it takes to get better.
2. my cold. i am feeling better but my left ear still feels plugged.
3. work. eric can go to days but i am having a hard time finding hours for days in different depts. i could go to bakery but to get the hours i want i need to open hour my availibility from 5am to 5pm.
4. money. so many cute, cute ideas for the wedding but no extra money.
5. my weight. i have to stop drinking pop again. must start to exercise.
6. the house. now that the dude is starting to crawl, i need to get cords and such out of the way. with this little house i have no idea where to put anything. i want to throw a lot of it out to not deal with it.

just a lot on my mind. mainly liam and making sure he is getting better. we do have an appointment on tuesday with the dr to make sure he is getting better. now if everything else would some how work out, i could relax.

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