Friday, March 04, 2011

the beginning of an art journal

i've always wanted to do some sort of an art jounal. when i paper scrapped i wanted to do one but didn't feel like i had the right things to make it. i know i did but what i saw of other journals, people made them with all sorts of art images. i didn't know where to get them or how to use them. i picked up a magazine at hastings that is about digital scrapbooking and art and i think i found my new love! there is a freebie in there that you can go to a website and download it. i did and wow....i now know where to go to get the stuff i need to make one. though it isn't paper, all done digital, that is ok. i can still convey my thoughts and that is all the matters. i love digital art anyways to this will be fun to do! here is my first page. it is about my struggle with depression and anxiety since i was 16. my first panic attack being when i was 16.

there is a lot here that has meaning. like the mask over her face. i was ashamed for so long, still am really, about having this and my limitations. the pills. i take pills to make me feel good. the bandaid. this isn't fix with a simple "oh you are fine and will be ok." the "16" the age all of this began. tree. i love trees. the represent strength. the old car. my fear of driving out of town. the wings. how i wish i could just fly away and fix it.

i can't wait to make more. this is going to be very theraputic!

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