Saturday, March 26, 2011


sigh...there is nothing like feeling better after a long spell of depression. i got on a new drug and the last few days have been great. i hope this one will work. i've only been taking it about a week, but so far i am feeling better. i hope this is just the beginning of a ton of great days ahead of me with no black clouds over my head!!!

last weekend heather, sierra and breanna came down with eric's parents. we had a great two days! liam love his little cousins. recognizes them more and more. here is the three of them together.
we went to the park and played. he had fun going down the slide with daddy.
then with aunt heather.

and then with sierra.

and then with breanna.

did momma go down the slide with him? no. too many people around for me to get my fat bod up on a slide. maybe next time, dude.

the back of his hair is finally getting long. i love it! it has a curl in one area. eric's hair curled with he was a toddler so i am sure liam's will too.

i love going out and about with him. he takes everything in. he loves the outdoors. i bet he will love camping when he is older. i think he is going to be one that says "hi" to each person that walks by. we were at the mall. he saw this little boy that was probably 5. he crawled over to him, stood up and gave the little boy a hug. the little boy hugged back. no, we have no idea who this little boy was. what a sweet little man i have. i hope he continues to love on people like that as he grows. i want him to love everyone. i want him to know that we are all the same people. we may have different colored skin. we may be old, young. we may be short, heavy, tall.... i want him to not judge but love.

in the meantime as he grows i will be right there getting all of it on the camera so i will always remember those moments in time.

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