Monday, May 09, 2011

it was a great mother's day!

my 2nd mother's day. :) love it! liam got me a double heart necklace. him and daddy were too excited about it to save it for today so i got it two weeks ago. to me the two hearts represent eric and liam, the best two men in my life. well, then there is my dad.....

we went to my parents. my niece manda came with her son ethen. poor kid, he was bored out of his mind. not liam though. when you are 16 months there is a ton of stuff to do and not enough time to do it! like picking dandilions.

liam had to get up on the bench grandma was on and give her a hug. mom was feeling weak today due to the antibiotics they have her on since her leg surgery two weeks ago. pray that she is able to stop the meds are that the side effects go away.

we got some pictures with my mom, liam and i. not the greatest of pictures as you never know what a toddler will do in a photo.... but they will do. oh i need to lose weight. haven't lost what i gained with him and i think i added a few as well. ok...that's a whole new post so i will just stop there!

then we got manda and ethen involved in the picture taking.

i so miss my niece and great nephew. it is too bad what her dad did to her and her brothers. i hope one day he realizes what he has done to the family. he has hurt all of us so badly, yet he doesn't seem to care. his first grandson is growing so fast yet he isn't there to experience it because of his new wife. he won't see his nephew grow up due to the same person. sad how people can let others convince them that they are more important then there own flesh and blood. she is a very mean person to do that. she will pay one day. as i always say, karma is a bitch. what you put out you get back!

here is liam and manda watching the cat. liam was on top of a table wanting down to get the cat. the cat is friendly at first but after a while it wants to be alone and will tell you that with a few scratches to the hand and where ever she can get to! :)

saturday at work we had a table set up for kids to decorate cookie cakes for their moms for mother's day. grandma robson brought liam so he could make me a brownie cake. yes, i had to help him squeeze the bag of icing but he did throw on the sprinkles!

and it was a very yummy brownie cake i might add!!!!

i hope all my friends had a great mother's day. i will never forget the day liam jackson was born. the best day of my life. god...i am so blessed. thank you jesus!

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