Sunday, May 29, 2011

creating helps me to relax

i so miss the days where i came home and played with paper, ink, stamps and photos to make layouts and cards. i still have a few things left and thought of getting them back out. in the time being i will stick to digital layouts. i needed a way to unwind last night. the week has just worn me out. i feel as if i have been mourning all week, actually i was. and now that the memorial service was today, president obama came!, i can start to move on like others. i wish i could make it to joplin to help out. i wish i could hand out food, clothing, anything to help others. i so hate agoraphobia.

ok...back to the point of all of this. so i needed to create to help me relax. yesterday eric had to work for 4 hours. i was able to get the day off but he wasn't. i took liam to wendy's after we dropped him off. i got liam fries and some chicken nuggets. i dumped his fries with mine. i gave him some fries and some chicken. i love fries, as does he. i looked down at one moment and all the fries were gone. oops. i felt bad. then i saw him playing with a fry and putting it in a container. the picture i got was priceless. here is the layout i had to make:
i may get the papers and stuff back out and  make cards. that is one thing i miss most is making cards. i don't have the rubber stamps that i used to but that is ok. it doesn't take much to make a card. one thing....i can't find my buttons. i had a good stash of them and i can't find them. i know i didn't sell them. there would be no way i would get rid of them. they have to be somewhere. i got what i had left out a while back. couldn't find my buttons so i put it all back and said forget it. i seriously can't scrap without buttons. nope...won't happen. and i have to have them to make cards.

yeah...i am addicted to buttons. and paper. and stamps. and.....but it's all digital for the time being.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love that photo! You did a wonderful job with it when making a page too! I want to scrapbook, I do but have absolutely NO clue where to start.

But yeah, that photo is priceless!!

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