Sunday, May 01, 2011

some shots of the dude

last week i got some good pictures of liam. so i had to share because i know there are some grandparents and aunts out there wanting to see them. :)

the chocolate easter bunny we got him. i didn't get him an easter basket. to me i think he is still too young to realize what it is so why spend money on it? it would mainly be for us, right? i thought long about this and decided to wait till next year to get him one. but i did want to get him a chocolate bunny :)

and now some shots of him outside.

the kid loves the slide that michelle gave us. thanks so much michelle!!!!

he likes to go backwards on the slide and on his stomach.

today it is may 1st and the temperature right now is 42! no wonder i can't seem to get over what i have. i think it is a mixer of cold, sinuses and god knows what else. maybe one day it will clear up :) i can't believe that this is the last month of school! it doesn't effect me but it's a reminder that summer is almost here, which is hard to believe when it is 42 degrees outside. where has the time gone. people said time would go fast when you have a child, i never knew how right they were!

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