Thursday, September 29, 2011

getting better!

liam is doing so great! i can't believe the difference in him from the first time he came home. he is back to being full of life! i love seeing it! i am still a bit worried about something going wrong but each day that goes further and further away. sometimes if he is fussy or crying because he didn't get his way, i wonder if it is more than that. ex....yesterday he was hungry but also wanted to go outside. so we put him in his stroller and we sat on the porch while he ate. that made him happy! he wants to go for walks in the stroller a lot. today we walked by the fire station. he wanted to go see the trucks but i didn't know if the firemen would be ok with it or not. as we started to walk away liam threw a fit. one guy said it was fine that he looked. he held up his arms to another fireman that showed him things. he even sat him in the truck. after that he walked around a little bit inside and then outside. finally he was ok to go. all his timing i tell ya!

work has been wonderful with food and monetary donations. we appreciate what everyone has done, especially the thoughts and prayers. i am so grateful for our family and friends.

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