Friday, September 30, 2011

so strong

this kid is so strong. you wouldn't know that two weeks ago tomorrow he had his second surgery within a weeks time. he is more independant now. he only wants your hand if there is a big step or if he is unsure about where he is walking. the scab is coming off. it is close to half off now. he is sleeping better, except for last night. he didn't each much dinner and i think he was hungry. i still worry some but it is getting better. i take his temp each day during his nap, which is anywhere from noon to 3pm. no temp at all since he has been home. thank you God! he is still taking antibiotics. i think maybe by sunday he will be done. i thought today but there is still quite a bit left.

i started therapy for my anxiety and reading "when panic attacks" by david burns. i am going to get over this. i am not going to let fear tell me what i will do each day. i'm about half way through the book and i have learned a few things that are really beneficial to my progress. i'm excited. i can't wait to go out and do things with eric and liam. God is great. i know He will help me go over this!

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