Monday, September 26, 2011

and we're back!

what an emotional 3+ weeks it has been. liam started getting sick on august 30th. throwing up, fever, diahhrea. we thought it was a virus. we went to urgent care on the 30th. er on the 31st. dr on the 1st. and back to the er on the 2nd. he was then admitted so we could try to figure this out. monday the 5th he projectile vomited. the dr ordered a stomach xray. there was so much gas in his stomach that it was hard to see, she thought a blocked bowel. off to westley medical center he went via helicopter. watching your child leave via helicopter...hurts like hell!

this was 8pm'ish at night. the next day they did determine his appendix had ruptured. he stayed for 10 days only to go back 2 day later due to an abcess. he was in for another week before he finally came home.

i tried writing this when he came home the first time but it was too hard. i'm leaving out some because some was scarey, like water on the lungs. for a person that has agoraphobia and can't travel, having your baby 3 hours away is another hell in itself. i've never experienced so much pain in my heart in my life. i hope i can write more about that as of right now still not possible.

today he is home and doing so great. he is playing, eating, walking, all the stuff he barely did the first time he was home. i'm still a bit nervous but that will go away in time as he heals more each day, my anxiety will lessen i know.

i can not thank my parents, eric's parents, our entire families, our friends and work for supporting us and praying for us. without everyone's help we would have crumbled. i wish i could write more but i just can't right now. in time i can. life is slowly but surely getting back to normal. thank you God!!!! He did it all!

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