Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ugh, really?

this week did not start off well. we were excited to be on the remodeling team at work, that is about the only good thing that has happened so far. monday we had to put our cat kali to sleep. she stopped eating dry food about 1.5 weeks ago. i thought maybe it was her teeth. she was an older cat, approx 15 years old. so we went to wet food. she ate that good till saturday. she stopped eating it. we thought maybe the dogs were getting to it before her. sunday she would barely move. she would drink water and milk but that was about it. monday when we left for work she was barely moving. her face pretty much laid in the milk i put in a saucer. at lunch we went home to check on her. we thought she was already gone. she was laying in liam's room on her side face up. she was barely breathing. we decided to take her to the vet and let them put her to sleep. we didn't know how much longer it would be. we didn't want her to suffer. we didn't want her dying and laying there no knowing what they dogs would do. i don't think they would hurt her but....

things i remember about her that i loved. she would lay on my back or side while i was in bed. she stopped that a few years ago. but she had to be up there by me, on me. i loved hearing her purr in my ear. she would give dottie, our dog, "kisses." she would lick dottie's head and nose. dottie loved it. she would close her eyes and have this smile on her face. i would say "kali, give dottie kisses." and she would go over and lick her. sometimes if she got close to dottie, dottie would rub her nose against her as if she was saying "i need some kisses." and usually kali would give her some. we think dottie knows she is gone. she was a good, loving cat. she didn't come out when we had company. she did keep to herself a lot. we got a sympathy card from the vet today. i cried again. i so miss her.
oh and....she had a "w" on her forehead lol.

next...liam got his first bad cold/flu. he started with a cough on monday night. nothing too much on tuesday will we got home. we took him to quick care where they said his throat was red. his temp was 100. so we got some antibiotics and were on our way. he threw up three times last night but thankfully  nothing today. today he has ran a fever off and on. the highest up to 101. he doesn't eat much but he does drink and has wet diapers, thank god! i'm not sure if we will go to work tomorrow or not. i am dealing with some sinus stuff myself. throat is a bit sore. not sure if we have the samething or not, though he is worse off than me. so we rest up and get lots of sleep.

eric's family found out that his grandmother has cancer in three places. she will talk to the oncologist next wednesday to see what that game plan is. the cancer on her lung is inoperable. my dad needs to get a biopsy done of his prostate. the numbers are higher than they should be. he is being stubborn and doesn't want to get it done.

seems like a lot at once, huh? not sure why things come on all at once. maybe to teach us something? maybe to show us that we need to slow down and remember that life goes way too fast. that we need to love one another more. we need to be more faithful, hopeful, prayerful and grateful. i know i need to have more faith. i need to give all my worries to god and let him relax me and give me strength. i read this from someone i follow on twitter:
"look what can happen, dear seeker, when you lean your graceful arms toward god in prayer, look at all that amorous light you catch." hafiz
i need to lift my hands to god more often. i need to catch his love and let it radiate on me. not only will it help what is going on in my life, but it will make me a better person, wife, mother and friend. i really do miss going to church. i like listening to joel olsteen on my phone or the computer. i love hearing all the positive he has. all the love and warmth. i miss that from church. i decided i didn't want to really go anywhere because of the people i know that are hypocrites. but i need to realize i am going for me. not for them. to hear the word of god to let it strengthen me and help me grow better. we all need to grow no matter what age we are. weeks like this are a lot easier when god is with you!

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